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April 11, 2008


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Your cards are going to look really nice, the colors are vibrant and I love the bird. Your really going to enjoy your work area. Have a blessed day.


I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I love the quote you used. I may have to steal it!


The cards are looking awesome! I enjoyed participating and hope you got mine? I sent them on Monday. If not hopefully by tomorrow...your space looks really great too! Thanks!

Aly B.

I keep checking in to hear about your Paris adventure, I guess I'll leave a comment to enter your drawing instead! :)

Happy scrapping!

Becky D.

howdy! i'm glad i found your blog again :)

reading up on all the gorgeous things you create is so fun!!


Great workspace! I never thought to put stuff right on the wall in the package! I'll have to give that a try when I finish my spring cleaning...

Patti Smith

Your space looks great...very creative..have a great weekend....Patti Smith


I hope you got my cards ok! Please let me know! And sorry if I went "overbaord" on them!


What a lovely tidy scraproom!!! Hope you are very creative in there.

tami w.

Hi Mitch. I really like your blog and your clean workspace area. I'm so jealous. I mailed my cards on Thurs. so I hope you rec. them on Friday. Do you know where I can buy more? I really enjoyed making them on a larger scale. I just love to swap ATCs so this was really fun. Thank you.

carrie c

I *heart* the canvas hanging in your work area. So simple and so cool looking! Congrats on the new work area...a happy place is a good place to work!

Alexa Gill

I am soooo jealous of your work space, it looks great!!!


Lately, I'm into making ATCs for myself (using thumbnail prints)...the size is really great to work with because they're so quick. I'd love to get in on your next swap!!!

Sara R.

Mine didn't get mailed until Friday the 11th...not sure what happened to my week, but they sat on my shelf for a few days before I got to the post office. Sorry about that! They should arrive on Monday. I hope!


Your scrap area looks great....a talented organizer as well....


Your scrap area looks great....a talented organizer as well....


I've just discovered your blog. You are so talented! Love your workspace. Keep it up!

stephanie peachey

thats a really organised scrap space! all my stuff is under my bed!


Will be putting my ATC's in the mail tomorrow....oops I am no good w/deadlines! They were loads of fun. Your space looks great, I'm so envious! Hope to see some creativity flowing from that area soon!


that card on top looks pretty cool...who did that one?? :)


I love love love your workspace!!! I'm in college too and all I have is our dining room table... which we never eat on, haha!

Loretta Bettis

Love your scrapbooking area. Great ATC cards.


Mailed my cards on Friday so you should have them today, I hope. Thanks for organizing and love your work space!

Kristi B

Nice area (wish mine was that clean)!

Tobi Kelly

Love the scrap space...

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